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About Us

Today, commerce, communication, education, entertainment — all are happening on the Internet. Instead of being watchers, or readers, we are now participants. Weíre contributing photos and videos and big work files. Fast download speeds used to be all we needed. Now, upload speeds are just as important.

This demand for bandwidth canít be met by service providers using traditional bandwidth technologies. For communities to compete for growth, improved standard of living, educational opportunity, and economic development, they must be served with fiber optic technology. Residents and businesses need the freedom to connect and the bandwidth to do it.

Montana Opticom, based in Bozeman, delivers bandwidth that cable and satellite canít touch — Internet upload speeds that are just as fast as download — up to 1Gbps! This allows residential and business subscribers to participate equally with the most advanced urban areas in the Internet world of commerce, communication, education, and entertainment. We also provide digital television and telephone services to bring your whole household into the digital age.

Welcome to the new world of Montana Opticom!